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“One of the most inspiring portrayals of American history is that of George Washington on his knees in the snow at Valley Forge. That moving image personifies and testifies to our Founder’s dependence upon Divine Providence during the darkest hours of our Revolutionary struggle.”  Ronald Reagan, President (1981-1989)

The following excerpt was taken from Nathaniel Randolph Snowden’s (1770-1851) “Diary and Remembrances”, who was with the Quaker Isaac Potts when he recounted where he found General George Washington praying alone in the woods at Valley Forge.

“In that woods, pointing to a close in view, I heard a plaintive sound as of a man at prayer. I tied my horse to a sapling & went quietly into the woods & to my astonishment I saw the great George Washington on his knees alone, with his sword on one side and his cocked hat on the other. He was at Prayer to the God of the Armies, beseeching to interpose with his Divine aid, as it was ye Crisis, & the cause of the country, of humanity & of the world. ‘Such a prayer I never heard from the lips of man. I left him alone praying.” Additional info can be found at Historic Valley Forge.

In the artist’s own words, Arnold Friberg, tells about the research that went into this famous painting. Watch the following video to hear his story firsthand.